Wednesday 22 Oct 2014
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capella gives you perfect sheet music

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tonica fugata creates 4 part harmony, fugues and canon from your melodies capella playAlong button





20 years of development, the best selling music software in its class in Germany

- professional quality at affordable prices -

capella covers all the editing and arranging features you will want to create publication quality scores. In addition you can import and export MusicXML, so if your publisher or friends work with other music software you can still exchange fully formatted scores. Click here for a detailed description.

capella-start is the cut-down version of the full capella. You can have up to 4 staves per line of music and up to 2 voices per stave.

capella-scan converts sheet music and PDF scores into capella, MusicXML and MIDI. In a few seconds a page it is the quickest way to import sheet music into any MusicXML compatible software. Click here for a detailed description.

capella melody trainer is s personal trainer for singers and instrumentalists. Melody trainer shows you how accurate your singing or playing is against the score. You can use any capell aor MIDI scores.

capella playAlong converts capella, MusicXML and MIDI to MP3 format or writes the scores to audio CDs. With either of these methods you can let others hear your work, and provide tailored accompaniments to practice alongside. The software written by muscians for musicians is very simple to use. Click here for a detailed description.

tonica fugata is a unique and fun composition aid. It can be used in three ways. 1. Enter a melody and tonica fugata will compose a muscal and technically correct three or four part harmonization. 2. Enter the melody for a musical theme and tonica fugata will produce a full length canon or fugue. 3. Ask tonica fugata for an analysis of all the harmonies in an existing work. See technical errors before others do! Click here for a detailed description.

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What do you want to do? See below for your solution

Composing arranging
and printing music?

capella is all you need to create your own scores and print them out. It can cope with any length of score and any number of instruments. You can have up to 6 voices on each stave.

Ideal for:

  • Composing original music If you frequently produce ad hoc music for plays and such like you should also consider tonica fugata. With tonica fugata you simply write out the melody and fugata creates musical and technically correct parts. If you enter a short theme it will produce a full canon or fugue.
  • Rearranging existing music - for example extracting parts or making more convenient page turns. If you work from existing printed scores capella-scan can save you a great deal of note entry time.
  • Choral scores Lyrics are automatically attached to notes and move with them during subsequent editing.
  • Teaching materials You can leave out information such as time signatures and barlines for students to complete. Voices can be highlighted. You can use colour. You can print as many copies as you want and with any size of stave.
  • Guitar and lute music Guitar tablature and fret diagrams are built in.

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existing sheet music?


capella-scan is ideal if you work a lot from existing printed scores. It scans printed scores, recognizes the music and any text and lyrics and lets you save the result for editing in capella or any MusicXML compatible program. It will also convert PDF scores. With any reasonable quality score you should only have a few errors per page, which can be corrected using the editor in capella-scan. The layout should be similar enough to not need revision. You can scan in any number of pages and any type of score up to full symphonies.

What you can do:

  • Scan printed scores or open PDF scores
  • Correct any errors in the recognition of music text and lyrics
  • Play back the scores in capella-scan
  • Save the scores in capella, MusicXML or MIDI format

To transpose, rearrange or print the score out you will need capella or a MusicXML compatible program.

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Produce MP3 & audio tracks
for accompaniment?

capella playAlong

If you want to produce backing tracks, accompaniments, or email people with audio tracks of your compositions you need capella playAlong. This converts MIDI, capella and MusicXML into MP3s or audio tracks which it then burns onto CD.

  • Accompanist music and teaching pieces You can mute your part, add count in beats with an overlaid metronome click and add pitching notes - especially useful for singers. You can duplicate pieces at different tempi to help build up to the final speed.
  • Backing music without musicians You can create realistic recorded music for situations when live musicians are not practical - amateur dramatics for example. You can fine-tune the way dynamics etc. are played, set stereo positioning, tempo and instrument volumes to achieve a realistic performance.
  • Hear your own compositions without the cost of a live performance You can recreate a performance for your compositions when getting real musicians together would be impractical.

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Automatically harmonize
your tunes?

tonica fugata

If you compose a lot of pieces for occasional and one-off use (such as school plays) tonica fugata is ideal. It will harmonize your melodies, relieving you of the time consuming less creative work. You can create full canons and fugues from short themes.

tonica is the basic version of tonica fugata and is much less expensive. It can harmonize your melodies but in pre-set styles, whereas fugata can 'learn' new styles. tonica is also an interactive teaching tool for harmony. It comes with 14 interactive lessons and can check your harmonizations for correctness.

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capella melody trainer. A personal trainer for singers and instrumentalists. melody trainer shows you how accurate your singing or playing is against the score.

Click for more information. melody trainer

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